Bob Schneider

2002(Keyboard chords)

Bob Schneider

Key: F

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	        F           C    Am                      F                                 C               G   G7 
The year is 2002. I'm doin' exactly what I wanna do. And baby I don't even think about you anymore. 
F                    C               Am                   F 
Just thought I would drop you a line, let you know that I was doin' fine, cause baby it's been a 
C                         G             G7 
long, long time since you walked out my door. 
F                    C             Am                              F 
It took some time, I must confess. For a while there I was feelin' less than my best. Had to get 
                       C                    G     G7 
outta town so I headed out west. Ended up in Seattle. 
F                        C               Am                      F 
Just thought I'd start a brand new band. Thought I might call it Lonelyland, but things got a 
       C                               G   G7 
little out of hand. Ended up hooked on Heroin. 
F                    C                Am                        F 
So I ended up movin' back to Germany. Livin' with the folks and baggin' groceries, but the time I 
              C                   G            G7 
had there was mostly free...spent most of it drinkin'. 
F               C           Am                F                                    C 
Got myself in a jam or two. Guess it's what I had to do. But late at night I would still think of 
                 G       G7 
you....felt like I was drownin'. 
F                         C           Am                      F 
Til' I met this girl at a disco-tech. She was a dancer ,baby, but not what you'd expect. She taught 
                   C               G   G7 
ballet and she was half Czec. Half Chinese. 
F                     C                     Am                              F 
But after she decided not to have the baby. Said she might move back to the mainland maybe. By then 
                      C                 G    G7 
I didn't really care. I was half drunk. Half crazy. 
F                      C                Am                        F 
Got arrested once, but never convicted. My parents eventually had me evicted. Tried your number, 
     C                   G                   G7 
it'd been disconnected...guess I should have known. 
F                        C           Am                     F 
Heard ya got married and moved away. Called your folks, but where they would not say. They said 
              C                         G      G7 
it's probably better that way so I just let it be. 
F                      C                 Am                        F 
I moved back to Austin about a year ago. Drive a schoolbus I don't drink no more. I go out every 
                   C                            G     G7 
once in a while to see a show but mostly I just watch T.V. 
F                         C                        Am                           F 
So I don't know where I'm gonna send this letter. I doubt things are ever gonna get much better. It 
                  C                G   G7 
seems like life's one big whatever...anyway. 
F                         C           Am                 F                                  C 
Just thought I would drop you a line. Lie, and say I was doin' fine. Cause baby it's been a long, 
                    G            G7   C 
long time since you walked out my door. 

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