Bob Dylan

Tangled up in blue(Keyboard chords)

Bob Dylan

Key: D

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	        Intro: D Dsus2 D Dsus2 
  D                   C/D              D                   C/D 
Early one morning the sun was shinin', I was laying in bed   
  D                C/D                   G 
Wondrin' if she'd changed at all If her hair was still red. 
 D                         C/D           D                 C/D 
Her folks, they said our lives together sure was gonna be rough 
      D                                               G                           
They never did like Ma-ma's home-made dress, Pa-pa's bank book wasn't big enough 
    A                      Bm               D                        G 
And I was standin' on the side of the road Rain fallin' on my shoes   
 A                        Bm               D                   G              A 
     Heading out for the east coast Lord knows I've paid some dues gettin' through 
   C     D      G 
 Tangled up in blue... 
 Verses 2,3,4,5,6,7 the same. 


Written by Dylan

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