Billy Ray Cyrus

Stand Still(Keyboard chords)

Billy Ray Cyrus

Key: G

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	        INTRO: G  D  G  D 
     G                           D 
When I was just a little boy, I wandered thru the woods 
C                            G 
Searchin' for daddy thru the pines 
G                              D 
Guess I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way 
        C                            D 
But the Bible said seek and ye shall find 
C                             G                  Em 
Daylight turned to darkness, adventure turned to fear 
       C                G 
When I finally found my way back home 
    C                   D 
His words I still could hear 
G D Stand still, when you're in the dark C D Listen to your heart, pray for God's will G D Stand still, adrift in the wind C D Your voice within will be your best friend C D G Stand still, and pray, stand still
INTRO G D Now that I'm a grown man on my own and on my way C G Got my decisions to be made G D When I'm at the crossroads, un for sure and unforseen C D I bow my head and with these words I pray CHORUS SOLO CHORUS INTRO out
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