Alan Jackson

Living On Love(Keyboard chords)

Alan Jackson

Key: E

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	        Intro:A E A D A E A E 
  E         A                E              
  Two young people without a thing 
           A                     D 
  Say some vows and spread their wings 
  And settle down with just what they need 
  Living on love 
            A                   E 
  She don't care 'bout whats in style  
           A                D 
  She just likes the way he smiles 
           A                    E 
  It takes more than marble and tile 
  Living on love 
E A Living on love buyin on time D A Without somebody nothing aint worth a dime D A E7 Just like a old fashion story book rhyme living on love A E It sounds simple that's what youre thinking but love A D can walk through fire without blinking A E A It dosen't take much when you get enough living on love
2nd verse: A E A D Two old people without a thing children gone but still they sing A E A Side by side in that front porch swing living on love A E He cant see anymore she can barely sweep the floor E A A E7 Hand in hand they walk through that door, living on love D A A E No it dosent take much when you get enough living on love.
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