Al Stewart

Broadway Hotel(Keyboard chords)

Al Stewart

Key: F#m

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	        F#m          D          F#m         D 
 You told the man in the Broadway Hotel 
 E           Dmaj7         C#m       D 
 Nothing was stranger than being yourself 
 F#m        D           F#m         D    Bm 
 And he replied with a tear in his eye 
 E          Dmaj7      E        Dmaj7 
 Love was a roll-a-way just a cajole away 
 E         Dmaj7         C#m         D 
 Mist on a summer's day, nothing was clear 
 E          Dmaj7      E         Dmaj7 
 Love was a smile away just a de-file away 
 E           Dmaj7     C#m         D     D 
 I sought it every way no-one came near        
   A            G 
 A-lone in your room you hide as the 
 F#m                   E 
 Night rolls by in the street outside of you 
 A             G 
 Feel over the words he said till they 
 F#m                E                  C#m  D 
 Turn to rain all a-round your head 
        A         G 
 You're seeking a hide-away where the 
 F#m                  E 
 Light of day doesn't touch your face, and a 
 A                   G 
 Door sign keeps the world away 
----> ÚLTIMO VERSO                                               F#m                     E             C#m  C#m   
 Be-hind the shades of of your silent days. 
FINAL      F#m  E6  Dmaj7  C#m    (repete) 


Written by Al Stewart

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