I Wonder (Departure)(Keyboard chords)


Key: G

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	        Intro chords  G   Em   C   D7   G/B  Em  D7sus4  D7-5   
VERSE  (G)This (Cmaj7)park and these (D7)hou(G)ses,(D7) (G)old (Cmaj7)streets I have (A)walked. (D7sus4 D7 )  (G)Everything (C)dear, (D)will it be (G)here 
(C)One day when (Am7)I am returning 
(G)My (Cmaj7)friends will get (D7)mar(G)ried(D7),(G) have (Cmaj7)children (A)and homes (D7sus4 D7) 
(G)It sounds so (C)nice, (D)well-planned and (G)wise 
(C)Never (Am7)expecting surprises 
Chorus   (C)I wonder, (G)it's frightening 
(Am)Leaving (Am7 )now,is (D7 )thatthe (Dm7 )right(G7 )thing(C) 
I (D)wonder,(Bm) it (Em7 )scaresme 
(Am)But who the the (B7 )hellam (Em)I (Dm7 )ifI don't e(G)(G+)ven (C)try 
(D)I'm not a (G)co(Em)ward (Am7) 
Oh (D7)no  I'll be (G)strong (Cm7) (G7) 
(C)One (D)chance in a (G)life(Em)time 
(Am7 )YesI will take it, it can't go (G)wrong 
(VERSE 2 )My friends and my family, this dull little town 
Buses I've missed, boys that I've kissed 
Everything old and familiar 
D7  xx0212 or x57575 
G/B  x20003 
D7sus4  xx0213 
D7-5  xx0112 
Cmaj7  x23000 or x35453 
B7  x21202 or x24242 
Em7  022030 or 020000 or x79787 
Cm7 x35345 or 8 10 8888 


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