Desperate Loneliness(Chords)


Key: Gm

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	        Intro Gm  Bb  C  Bb  Gm  C 

C                       Gm 
I canā??t feel the breeze anymore 
Instead, my blood is getting cold 

C                         Gm 
Iā??m walking into the pain in my Dreams 
Because, thereā??s no hope for me 

Verse 1:

Db Ab I spend my life in tears Db Ab I spend my life in sorrows Db Ab C But shadows around me, you see (you see...) Gm F C I canā??t take it anymore, no more, (no more...) C Gm F Day and night is the same things, I know, I donā??t care


Db Ab Iā??m losing my mind Db Ab Iā??m going insane Db Ab I'll disappear


Fm Ab G7 Hear my cry and take me away
Cm Bb Ab No!! ,No more life, No more pain G Fm G7 I just see you, one last more time
Cm Bb I'm cold!, very Cold! Ab My memories, is gone Fm G7 Fm Thereā??s no return, There's no more, There's no return G7 No, no, no Final Cm Ab Fm G7 Cm G Bb Fm Ab Bb C

Written by Samuel Nobre e Luiz Jśnior

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