Love Alone(Chords)


Key: Eb

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Eb   Ebsus4 Eb     Ebsus2  Eb      Fm 
Eb/G Ab     Eb/Bb  F       Fm7/Bb  Bb 

Eb       Gm/Bb    Eb7 
When she calls my name 

       Ab      Cm/G      Fm7 
Nobody says it quite the same 

           Bbsus4  Bb   Eb      Ab 
Gives me a fee.....ling I never knew 

Absus2 Ab    Bb           Eb 
Makes  me so happy loving her. 

Eb       Gaug   Cm/Ab 
Love and love alone 

Cm/G       F7           Ebsus4/Bb  Eb 
I'd wait a life just to have it    here. 

Eb      Gaug  Cm/Ab    Cm/G             
Love is all I know and that  

        F7     Bb  Eb  Bbsus2  Bb  
cant be wrong. 

Its sometimes hard to see 
Love isnt bought well its got to be 
There for a reason you want to share 
To show somebody you care. 

Love and love alone 
Conquers the world that can be so cold. 
Love is how we show just what we feel. 

Db/Eb  Ab    C/G      Fm Fm7/Eb      Bbsus4 Bb        Eb 
       Its enough for me cant  say I need   anything else. 

Db/Eb  Ab      C/G     Fm Fm7/Eb    Bbsus4 Bb 
       Love is here to be had by us all 

               Ab/Bb  Bb 
Dont cheat yourself. 

I can say it now 
Someday well all be there somehow 
Everyone singing, love leads the way 
til then Im counting every day.

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