Tony Christie

Avenues And Alleyways(Chords)

Tony Christie

Key: C
Peaked at 37 in the UK charts in 1973. N/C = no chord. 

Intro = C G F G  C G F G 

verse 1 
C                 C 
Sleep like a baby   
Bb        F    Bb F 
my little lady 
C                      C 
Dream till the sunrise  
Bb          F 
creeps into your eyes 
Fm             C       Ab           G 
Dream till the sunrise turns on the day 

N/C                C        Em 
In the Avenues and Alleyways 
          Bb                          F 
While you sleep there's a whole world coming alive 
F                     C 
Able and his brother, fighting one another 
F             G     C 
In and out of every dive 
C                         Em 
The Avenues and Alleyways 
          Bb                    F 
Where the strong and the quick alone can survive 
F                      C 
Look around the jungle see the rough and tumble 
F           G        C                  
Listen to a squealer cry  
F                   C 
Then a little later in the morning paper 
F              G      C    C  G   C G F G 
read about the way he died 

verse 2 
C                 C 
Wake up my pretty  
Bb        F    Bb F 
go to the city 
C                        C 
Stay through the daytime  
Bb          F 
safe in the sunshine 
Fm            C       Ab             G 
Stay till the daytime turns into the night 

N/C                C         Em 
In the Avenues and Alleyways 
        Bb                        F 
Where a mans gotta work out which side he's on 
F                  C 
Any way he chooses chances are he loses 
F              G        C 
No one gets to live too long 
C                         Em 
The avenues and alleyways 
          Bb               F 
Where the soul of a man is easy to buy 
F                    C 
Everybody's wheeling everybody's stealing 
F               G      C 
All the low are living high  
F                    C 
Every city's got 'em can we ever stop 'em 
F              G     C 
Some of us are gonna try. 

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