The Axis Of Awesome

Fuck Yeah Floppy Guys(Chords)

The Axis Of Awesome

Key: E

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E5 C#m D 
E5 C#m D 

verse 1 
I'm driving alone and I'm feeling down 
    C#m                    D 
I'm sick of world and this deadbeat town 
Something moving catches my eye 
C#m              D 
Oh my god it's a floppy guy 
A B E Fuck Yeah, Floppy Guys F#m C#m A E Flopping around what a fucking surprise A B E F#m A Fuck Yeah, can't believe my eyes E Floppy Guys
verse 2 E5 A majestic dancer of cloth and air C#m D What is he selling I just don't care E5 Second hand cars, above ground pools C#m D Surplus corn, no it's much more cool
A B E Fuck Yeah, It's a Floppy Guy shop F#m C#m A E I'm so glad I decided to stop A B E F#m A I've found my own and I watch him bob E At the Floppy Guy shop
Bridge B E Floppy Guys, I'll take two A E One for me and one for you B E What I did next is no surprise A B E I wrote a song about, Floppy Guys F#m A So here's a solution for impulse buys C#m B Like lasers, corn and floppy guys F#m A Use them in a song and you can relax C#m B Cos you can claim it all on your tax C#m F#m On Your Tax, We claim this shit on our tax Outro B Db F# Fuck Yeah, Floppy Guys! G#m Ebm B F# Fiscal stability justified B Db F# G#m B Fuck Yeah, Reach for the sky F# Floppy Guys!

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