Steve Wariner

Burnin The Roadhouse Down(Chords)

Steve Wariner

Key: G

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(Steve Wariner) 
Well the (G)crowd is getting restless, (C)smoky, loud, and (G)hot, 
The band is heatin (Em)up and givin (A)everything they (D)got, 
Some(G)body check the exits, incase a (C)fire breaks out, 
We're (G)packed in tight, it's (Em)Saturday night, 
And we're (A)burnin' the (D)roadhouse (G)down 
We're burnin it (G)down, we're burnin the (D)road(Em)house (G)down 
The band is in full swing and man there (A)ain't no stopping (D)now, 
There'll be (G)nothing left but ashes when (C)Sunday rolls around 
But it's (G)alright it's (Em)Saturday night 
And we're (A)burnin' the (D)roadhouse (G)down. 
Yea, it's a mob out on the dance floor, (C)pressure's getting (G)higher, 
One spark from that fiddle (Em)bow, could (A)set this place on (D)fire, 
It's so (G)cool to be here at the (C)hottest place in town, 
(G)Feels so right it's (Em)Saturday night, 
We're (A)burnin the (D)roadhouse (G)down 
They'll be sifting through the ashes when (C)Sunday rolls around, 
But it's (G)alright it's (Em)Saturday night 
And we're (A)burnin the (D)roadhouse (G)down

Written by Rick Carnes/Steve Wariner

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