Stephen Fretwell

New York(Chords)

Stephen Fretwell

Key: D

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Intro: D, G, A, D, G, G/F#, Em7, A, A, A, A* 

D                 G 
Please can we go away  
           A              D 
get out of here somehow today 
 G                 G/F#            Em7       D*  
to a place that I heard on the radio never sleeps 

A, A, A, A* 

D                 G 
I'll get a job at a bar 
                A                   D 
you can be a waitress serve cheep cigars 
   G        G/F#     Em7      D*       A  A* A A* 
to fat mustachio men in suits you'll be cute 

              G G/F# Em7  
Fuck what they say               
              G G/F# Em7 
fuck it if they talk 
              G G/F# Em7 
It really don't matter 
              G G/F# Em7 
I'm going to new york 

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