Key: D
Intro: D D4(add9) G D4 A4/7

D         C/D
So here I stand, 
          G           G/F      G/E       D
Here I'm right on the top of a perfect world
       C/D             G
Here I stand, feeling fine,
         G/F     G/E      D
but it's over before you know  

D D4(add9) G D4 A4/7

So here I am,
Here I'm finding the piece of my melody
Hear me sing, sing out loud
It's all right now ! 
D D4(add9) G I'll right it all, wait and see D4 A4/7 D If I get it together right D4(add9) G With a tear, or a smile D4 A4/7 D I will get it together right
So clearly now, I'm feeling perfect, the writings are on the walls Clearly how, I sing out loud It's all right now! Refrão (F#m F#m Bm) Someone tried to tell me that I didn't make it right this time This time I'll try to be just fine What if I'm right or wrong Anything that I would do is reach that thing, For I'll be true oh oh!! D D4(add9) G D4 A4/7 D C/D G G/F So here I stand, feeling fine.... Oho oho oho oho (E E4(add9) A E4 B4/7) Refrão

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