Up All Night(Chords)


Key: F#

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	        Intro: F#	G#	A 

Verse 1: 
I love the sacred feeling but I 
Made a couple of friends 
But things have never looked so good 
Things have never been so clear 

Verse 2: 
And now I'm all alone 
And I'm always up all night 
And I get music running in my head 
I lose the strength to fight 

    A	 	  G	E 
Cos I've been up all night 
A          G 	E 
She's been up all night 
A          G		E 
We're just up all night 

Riff 1: 
A	G	E	x2 

Verse 3: 
This town is full of counterfeit dreamers 
Maybe I'm one too 
I But I, I keep mine behind my back 
When I, I don't know what else to do 

Verse 4: 
The streets that I grew up in they made me 
Nothing to you 
But I, I'll show you where I come from 
If you please just tell me what I'm supposed to do 


Riff 2: 
A	G	E 
F#	G#	A 
G	A	F	F# 
G	A	F# 

Verse 5: 
The sweet and sacred feeling 
Never lasts long 
Every time you turn around 
One more part of the answer's gone 

Verse 6: 
And I need your spirit darling 
Lend me your help again 
I'll meet you in the mornin' 
When I've broken up the band

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