Paul Overstreet

Richest Man On Earth(Chords)

Paul Overstreet

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Key: D
This is played in Drop D tuning but you don?t have to  
set it up that way to play along like this: 
D                  A                G 
I've heard tell of millionaires and billionaires and such  
    D                  A                   G   
Who gathered all their treasures and still did not have enough  
   D               A                G 
If money could buy peace of mind, I guess they'd have it all  
    D             A                  G                 A 
But all the money in the world won?t hold you when you fall  
G A D G A D We've got a roof over our head and the kids have all been fed G D E7 G And the women I love most lies close beside me in our bed G D G Lord, give me the eyes to see exactly what it's worth G A D And I will be the richest man on earth
Lord, when I wish I had the things that you gave someone else I pray that you'll forgive me for just thinkin' of myself I haven't been as thankful as I know I ought to be I should be more then satisfied with all you've given me Chorus Bridge: A One thing is for certain G A D It don't matter when you die G F#m If you had a million Em Em/F# G A Or if you just got by Chorus Yes, I will be the richest man on earth
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