Very Ape(Chords)


Key: G

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	        Intro:(G A) 
       (G A) 
     I am buried up to my neck in 
     Contradictionary lies 
     I take pride as the kind of the illiterature 
     F#          G      A     G A 
     I very ape and very nice 

     _ (G A)  
     |If you ever need anything please don't 
 2º  |Hesitate to ask someone else first 
     |I'm too busy acting like I'm not naive 
     |F#               G         A      G A F# G A 
     |I've seen it all I was here first 
     |                  F# G A 
     |Out of the ground 
     |             F# G A 
     |Into the sky 
     |               F# G A 
     |Out of the sky 
     |               G A 
     |_Into the first 
     (repete 2º parte) 
     Contribuição: Fellipe Souza ([email protected]) 
                   Clovis Neto ([email protected])

Written by Kurt Cobain

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