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Dead Come Alive(Chords)

New Albany Music

Key: A

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	        verse 1  

A                              F#m                                 A/E  

Felt alone in the world on my own then You came to me  

A                        E                        A  

Hope flowing through my veins  

A                            F#m  

I was lost in the black so far gone  

                   A/E                               A                 E    

Then You drank my shame letting sin flow through Your veins  


A Lord You are good oh God You're so good D F#m E Lord You are good oh God You're so good
verse 2 You were there from the start before it all Still You left Your throne love lowered down in the flesh Born to serve born to heal and to lay your life You're the final offering cause up from the grave You rose A D F#m E F#m D A E Oh Oh Oh Oh BRIDGE/RAP F#m Oh the miracle You're the miracle D That makes the dead come alive A Oh the miracle You're the miracle E That makes the dead come alive Let me take a little second to tell you as we see a prophecy that came true You see we need to believe that he literally bled through the clothes on his back his sweat the day was just like crimson rain crimson stains tide bounty and the devil can't wash these stains away Who?s he you ask he?s a friend of me cause my inability he was sent from me I hear birds and trees there all telling me it's a good thing he won Gethsemane cause this enemy is to much for me and this flesh and world is triple teaming me it seems to be the very end I scream please oh please pass this cup from me The thing is it did pass and it passes every day he took my cup from me and gracefully he drank the grave and I don't mean to speak blasphemy when I say but I am speaking of the day when my God passed away Okay no wait wait wait no that?s not it no that?s not all I don't wanna leave you hanging this stories banging against my throat and against these walls It cant be contained no it wont stay in here it will thrive cause stories just don't die when the dead come alive
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