Happiness for dogs(Chords)


Key: Am7

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	        INTRO SOLO 
(Am7 Am Am7 Am  A7 Am A7 Am F FX F FX) 
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FX     133200 --> Apenas solte a pestana. Compare  F  133211 
                                                                            FX 133200 
                 F                                    Am 
I think I've been wrong in this family affair 
Now it's been too long, we got used 
to everything unfair 
                     F                           Am           
I'm out there trying to put on the charms 
But inside I'm crying 
               G                                  C 
when I remember how you cut your arms 
                                         G              Am 
Here comes happiness for dogs like us 
                                       F               C 
And I just hope it's gonna last   
                                                        G                  Am 
The drugs they give you are something I don't trust 
                           G                        F           
At least when the side effects come fast 
 G                     (INTRO SOLO) 
Just like in the past 
Am                        F 
   Everyone is not stable 
We all got our ups and downs 
They gave you a label 
and pills to make you drowse 
              F		     Am 
I do not trust them coz I've seen you fall 
Whats there to discuss when  
                  G                           C 
You almost lost the will to live at all 
                 G                        F 
(When the side effects come fast 
          G                   Am 
Happiness that never last) 
(Am F) 2x G 
               F                 G 
Almost twenty years of fighting 
              Am                 Em 
for your health not too exiting 
            F                             G                     Am Am7 Am Am7  
And I know there's so much more that I could do 
         F                 G 
But you just never give up, 
               Am                   Em  
Hope that one day you will live up 
        F                  G                                   C 
And regain what belongs to nobody else but you  
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Written by Mathias Färm/Fredrik Larzon/Erik Ohlsson/Nikola Sarcevic

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