Michael Hurwitz

Ed Trafton(Chords)

Michael Hurwitz

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Key: G
G			C	G			C		G 
With a herd of stolen ponies	 he set out on a roll 
G		C	G	      Em		A7			D 
Trailed em over conner pass and on down to jackson hole 
	     C					   G			C 
He was doin time in boise when he came up with a plan 
	 G		C		G			   D			    G 
Gonna rob the stage in yellowstone with a one man outlaw band 

G	   D		G		C				G 
He was pushin 65	 when he got out of the pen 
G			   Em				A7			D 
Got a real honest job 	it was good to be home again 
   C						G				C 
He told his darlin minnie 	i got one more trick to play 
		G	C		G			D		G 
We go live among the palm trees 	out in californ i a

D		C			D 
July of 1914	 is remembered oh so well 
G			C		G		A7				D 
The grand tour left old faithful 	bound for the great hotel 
C						 G				C 
The tourist chatted gaily as they looked out on the land 
		G	C	G		D			G 
Ed was waitin up the road with six gun in his hand 

G				C		G		C			G 
When the first stage hit the clearin	 he stepped out from a tree 
G		C	G			A7				D 
Said boys this is a hold up, 		now listen close to me 
	    C  							G			C 
As you look out of the coach you see a blanket on the ground 
		G		C		G		  D 
Kindly leave your gold and silver there and throw them greenbacks  

	D						C	G 
Now all the ladies said how ed was quite cavalier 
G			C		G			A7			D 
As he took the husbands money and the trinkets they held dear 
		C					     G				C 
An old woman started cryin 	just as scared as she could be 
	G		C	        G					D			    G 
Ed said madam keep your things 		you must need em more than me 

D							C			G 
He had the drivers pull around to the far side of the park 
G			C		G		    A7				D 
And the tourist had a picnic  	it was gettin on towards dark 
C					   G				  C 
Fifteen coaches in a row he robbed them all that day 
		G					D			G 
Then he slipped back in the forest and made his getaway 


		G		C	G			C		    G 
Now he took her down to denver 	it wasn all that far 
G		Em		A7				  D 
Champaign caviar 	bought fancy touring car 
		C				G			C 
They livin quite the highlife he layed his money down 
		G	   C 		    G			D			G 
Minnie was right there with him til she caught him foolin around 
D									C			G 
Now she got madder than a rattlesnake next day she turned him in 
G		C		G		A7				D 
Found his loot out in the barn, he right back in the pen 
	C						G			C	 
Now listen all you rounders there a moral to this song 
		G	C	G			    D				G 
If your going to be a robber man, don do your good gal wrong  (2x)

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