Kristina Maria

Let's Play(Chords)

Kristina Maria

Key: Em

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Theres so much that we can do 
Have a play date in my room 
         Em                  G D  
And the rest is up to you baby 
We can dress up if you like 
Whats your flavor whats your type 
Come on over for the night 
         G                      D 
Ill bring your fantasies to life 

E Lets play G Ill let you wrestle me D E You can win all day G Ill show you what it means D E to fool around you?ll see G How much you want it now D E G D Just come out and play
Baby if I tie you up It don't mean I tie you down I just like it to play it rough baby Find More lyrics at and if you wanna bring a friend He's more than welcome to join in We'll have triple times the fun Yeah, this night has just begun Chorus OOOOOh, Let's Play I can show you all the toys that you might like My way This Barbie's got nothing on me tonight Let?s play Anything you want We'll make up our own rules All day We can find a game Where no one has to lose Chorus 2 times
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