Kevin Denney

My Kind Of Song(Chords)

Kevin Denney

Key: G

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	        Chords:My kind of song 
   Stuck in traffic on my way out of town 
   The music's playing but it's way down 
        D                    C                   G 
   It's awful pretty but it don't say a thing to me 
   The singer don't know the working mans blues 
   And he wants to sound like he was born to lose 
      C                           D       D7     
   But all I hear is a poor man melody 
   G                               C 
   My kind of song sing's about the facts of life 
   G                         D   
   I want words of wisdom and don't care how they rhyme 
    G              D            Em                C 
   If it's got the heart to tell the truth I'll sing along 
                  G                D          G 
   Call it what you want but that's my kind of song 
  2nd verse: 
   My heroes talk about the real things 
   Johnny walker verses king james 
    D                         C                 G 
   The price of cheating or the cost of a happy home 
   They made music that could make me feel 
   Tears of laughter to ice cold chills 
     C                                     D    D7 
   So dont water down what I was raised up on 
   Repeat chours twice. 
   At the end of the second time through Chours 
   I'm talking strait to jones that's my kind of song.

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