Jonathan Young


Jonathan Young

Key: Am
Intro Am 

 F#m              D 
A fleeting wish to end this nightmare 
A hell on earth, it won't subside, there's 
A thousand times we prayed for hope, how 
 G               C# 
We wanted to believe 
Apocalyptic sound of bangs, and 
Calamity upon our gates, and 
 A#                                          E 
The reckoning of human fate comes so uninvitedly 

F#m           D               E    A 
Harken to me, those forsaking history! 
F#m         D               E        A 
Now we must exterminate deserving enemies! 
On that day 
  F                G               C 
I wonder just what kind of eyes we see? 
Am                 F                  
Wordless when they stare 
           G          C 
What their expression speaks? 
How much do we need to give 
To make it through the night? 
F                 G                
The terror of the darkness 
       C       A 
To the morning light 
Dm                D           E 
I'd give my soul, I'd give my life! 

F    G      C   F 
Sasageyo, sasageyo 
G                      C 
Give your heart up for tomorrow! 
  F    G       C        F           
A sacrifice we all must make 
G                             E 
A choice, a moment that could win the day! 
Cm    A#    D#  G# 
Sasageyo, sasageyo 
A#                     D# 
Give your heart up for tomorrow! 
       Cm       A#         D#      G# 
Should victory stand, it's in your hands 
    A#                 A# 
The path to destiny, astray! 

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