Joey Cape

Whipping Boy(Chords)

Joey Cape

Key: C

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         C         G 
Now it's simple to me 
E                         D 
Sometimes you have to let go when there's 
C         G 
Next to nothing 
E                 D             B 
You say yes every time she says no 
There's more pain then love 
It comes o shove almost 
G              E 
Every time you speak 

            C     D 
Somehow you fight 
                 E     B 
Something's just crazy 
             C              D 
Somehow it's taking all the life left in you 

G E C D 

C                 G 
she's had time to heal 
        E                    D 
And she doesn't need you any longer and you 
C         G 
Had time to drink 
        E                        D              B 
And you call her to tell her you've gotten much stronger 
   C                    D 
At three in the morning she says stop calling cause... 
G            E 
Everyone's asleep 

           C    D 
Some of us work 
                  E     B 
You're driving me crazy 
             C              D 
I learned to get on with my life 

C          D            G 
Now every nights Friday night 
        E                C 
Picking fights with your friends 
        D               B 
Somehow trying to make amends 
C                  D           G 
So you search for comfort in a friend 
             E                   C 
It's not the same she won't understand 
You both learned to think alike 

So what was so wrong 
Where's she tonight 
          D              G              E 
Out there drinking while you're left in thinking 
     C             D 
It's taken all the life left in you 

G E C D 

You're losing ground 
Carrying that torch 
You're not asking for much 
Still somehow 
You'll wait for her 
You say she'll return 
E                             C 
But you still carry that torch 
That girl 

G B E D C 


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