Jimmy Wayne

The Rabbit(Chords)

Jimmy Wayne

Key: Bm
**Capo One** 
Intro: Bm  A  G  A (x2) 
The kids were in the living room 
Watching cartoons 
G                                     A 
She could here 'em laughing from the kitchen 
At that big ol' hunter runnin' round 
Trying to chase that rabbit down  
G                              A 
She just stood there washin' thinkin' 

Bm A G What goes aroung comes around A There's no doubt Bm A G A We'll have to answer for the things we've done Bm A G When the tables turn and they will turn A Mark my words G A Bm A G A (x2) It ain't gonna be fun when the rabbit gets the gun
Bm The coffee's still sittin' in the pot A His temper's hot G A And she knows he's just lookin' for a reason Bm As he comes stormin' down the hall A She's wishin' there was a hole to crawl G A Into, but there isn't CHORUS Bm She stood there without a word A Thinkin' maybe I deserve G A All that I've got comin' from him Bm But when he handed down that verdict A And the whole courtroom heard it G A Even the judge himself was smiling CHORUS Bm A G A (repeat to fade)

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