Jessica Andrews

You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss)(Chords)

Jessica Andrews

Key: D
D A G  D                        A 
      You're kicking tires I'm sittin' on the fence 
         G                           D 
Love's falling all around us and it don't make snese 
D                           A 
How long can the two of us beat around the bush 
        G                        A  
We're right on the edge but we need a little push 
Bm                        A 
Dancing on a tight rope wearing it thin 
             G                    A 
Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in 
D A D D A D Do you wanna kiss Do you wanna kiss D A D A D D G D G Do you wanna kiss yeah Do you wanna kiss you go first
D A G D A We're dodging the moon and I'm playing it safe G D Look what we're not doing Oh boy what a waste D A And what could be worst then never saying it at all G A Is never knowing the feeling never feeling the fall Bm A What's it gonna take to get us both there G A Can't you see what I suggesting it's a double dare Chorus, lead, yeah Bm A Bm Bm You start if you have the nerve A Bm A I'll trust my heart but you go first go to chorus ENDING: D A G Bm D G D (Do you want to kiss) yeah but you go first D A G Bm D G (Do you want to kiss) Oh yeah D A G Bm D G D (Do you want to kiss) You go first D A G Bm D G D (Do you want to kiss) oh oh oh

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