Jessica Andrews

Show Me Heaven(Chords)

Jessica Andrews

Key: G
Verse 1:   
          G5         C3  
            There you go 
C3  or G5         D5    G5         C3    C3  or G5   D5  
            Flashing fever   from your eyes 
          G5   C3  C3         D5  
            Hey babe, come over here 
                G5        C3    G5   D5  
            And shut them tight 
          G5       C3  
            I'm not denying 
     G5  D5             G3     C3       
            We're flying above it all 
          G5       D5         G5    C3  
            Hold my hand, don't let me fall 
          G5      D5         G5     C3  
            You've such amazing grace 
                       G5        D5  
            I've never felt this way 
Chorus 1: 
           G   C  G     D 
             Ohhh, show me heaven 
             G     C 
             Cover me 
           G       D 
             Leave me breathless 
           G      C   G     D         G     C  C  D 
             Ohhh ohh, show me heaven, please 
Verse 2:  (Chords as Verse 1) 
            Here I go 
            I'm shaking just like the breeze 
            Hey babe, I need your hand 
            To steady me 
            I'm not denying 
            I'm frightened as much as you 
            Though I'm barely touching you 
            I've shivers down my spine 
            And it feels divine 
Chorus 2:    (Same as Chorus 1) 
           If you know what it's like 
           To dream a dream 
         C                       D 
           Baby hold my hand and let this be  
Chorus 3:  (Chords as before) 
             Ohhh Ohh Ohhhhhh heaven 
             Cover me 
             Leave me breathless 
             Ohhh ohh, show me heaven, please 
G     32OO33 
G3  355433 
G5  xx5785    
C     x32O1O 
C3  x35553 
D     xxO232 
D5  x57775 
Em    O22OOO 

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