Henry Seeley e Nathan Rowe

Lift Up Your Eyes(Chords)

Henry Seeley e Nathan Rowe

Key: F

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        Intro: F  
I see heaven before me  
Angels passing around me  
Bb                           F  
Here I stand in awe of your beauty  
Bb               C  
Captured by Your holiness  
F Lift up Your eyes all of heaven?s in worship Dm Angels rejoice and the clouds will be filled Bb C With the wonder of Your name Dm C/E With the wonder of Your name F The train of his robe fills the temple with glory Dm Heavenly hosts fall before Him in worship Bb C Eb Bb Crying holy Holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty
Tag: F C Eb Bb/F Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty ---------------------------------------------------------- Lift up your eyes Henry Seeley, Nathan Rowe 2002 Planet Shakers Ministries Int. Inc. Admin. by Music Services CCLI Song No. 3650198
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