Doug Supernaw

Whatll You Do About Me(Chords)

Doug Supernaw

Key: E

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	        By: Doug Supernaw 
Key of E 
Intro: E 
E		     B 
All you wanted was a one night stand, 
    E				A 
The fire the wine and the the touch of a man 
    E				B			    B 
But I fell in love 1)and ruined all of your plans 2)so baby here I am 
A	    B	    E 
What'll you do about me 
E			  B 
Imagine the faces on your high class friends 
	E		      A 
When I beat on the door and I beg to come in 
E		    B 
Screamin' 'Come on love me again!' 
A	    B	     E 
What'll you do about me 
1st Chorus: 
E	     B 
Well you can change your number you can change your name 
You can ride like hell on a midnight train 
	   B				 A	     B	      E 
But that's alright mama that's okay, but what'll you do about me? 
E				B 
Picture your neighbors when you try to explain 
     E			   A 
That good ol' boy standing out in the rain 
E		     B 
With his nose on the window pane 
    A		B	 E 
Now what'll you do about me 
    E				B 
And what in the world are you plannin' to do 
	E			A 
When a man comes over just to visit with you 
    E			    B 
And I'm on the porch with a two by two 
     A		 B	  E 
Lady what'll you do about me 
2nd Chorus: 
Well you can call your lawyer you can call the Fuzz 
You can sound the alarm-wake the neighbors up 
	B				    A	  	B	E 
There ain't no way to stop a man in love so what'll you do about me? 
Solo  A  C#m  A  B 
Repeat 1st verse with option #2 in the 3rd line 
1st chorus 
2nd chorus 
	A	  B	   C#m	  A	      B	       E what'll you do about me.....what'll you do about me? 
					Jason Wendtland

Written by Dennis Linde

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