Country Gentlemen

Two Little Boys(Chords)

Country Gentlemen

Key: G
G Two Little Boys - had two little toys 
Each had a G7 wooden C horse  
Gaily they played - each G summer day  
A Warriors both - of D course 
G One little chap - had a mishap 
And broke off his G7 horse's C head  
Wept for his toy - then G cried with joy  
When A he heard his D brother G say: 
'Do you think I could C leave you G cryin' 
When there's room on my G7 horse for C you  
Climb up here, Jack - you G stop your cryin'  
We'll A mend up your horse with D glue 
When we G grow up - we'll C both be G soldiers 
Our horses will G7 not be C toys  
And maybe you will re-{G} member  
When A we were D Two Little G Boys.' 
Long years have passed - war came at last 
Bravely they marched away 
Cannons roared loud and in that wild crowd 
Where wounded and dyin' - Joe lay 
Then came a cry - a rider dashed by 
Out from the ranks of Blue 
Galloped away - to where Joe lay 
Then he heard his brother say: 
Do you think I could leave you dyin' 
When there's room on my horse for two 
Climb up here, Joe - we'll soon be flyin' 
To the ranks of the boys in Blue 
Can't you see, Jack I'm all a-tremble 
It may be the flash and the noise 
Or maybe because I remember 
When we were two little boys. 

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