Country Gentlemen

Have Thine Own Way(Chords)

Country Gentlemen

Key: G
  (G)            (C)  (G) 
Have thine own way lord, 
have thine own way. 
Thou art the potter, 
I am the clay. 
             (C) (G) 
Mold me and make me, 
after thy will, 
             (G)      (D)        (G) 
While I am waiting, yeilded and still. 
Have thine own way, Lord 
have thine own way. 
Search me and try me, 
master today. 
Whiter than snow lord 
wash me just now.. 
as in my presence, humbly I bow. 
Have thine own way, lord 
have thine own way. 
Wounded and weary, 
help me I pray. 
Powere all power, 
surely is thine, 
touch me and heal me, saviour divine. 

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