Caitlin Rose

I Was Cruel(Chords)

Caitlin Rose

Key: C

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Intro: C F C F 

Verse 1:
C      F          C                F 
Loving you is the hardest thing to do 
    C                F      G 
The hardest thing to do sometimes 
You throw dirt in my face 
Then you push me over 
You push me over the line 

F C I would've warned you if I'd known F G Would've warned you if I'd known F G C But I never knew I was cruel F G C No I never knew I was cruel F G C F G C Baby 'til I, baby 'til I met you
Verse 2: Now you showed me everything that I could be Everything that I could be And then you steal it away You bend me 'til I break Make me say something baby that I don't wanna say Chorus Bridge: F G You know, money, toys Em Am Booze and noise F G C Such a silly game, such a silly game to play F G When I call you on the phone Em Am Just to hit you with one last stone F I should've warned you G Em A I should've warned yo-o-ou Key change instrumental Verse: A D A D A D E (2x) Chorus: D E A D E A Outro: A D A D A D A D For peace of mind, honey I'll treat you kind A D E I'll treat you kind sometimes A D A D I'm a selfish man with my head in my hands A D E My head in my hands and I'm crying for you

Written by Jeremy Fetzer

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