Natural Harmony(Chords)


Key: A
A7      /G   /A      /G 
Fallin´ free, me and you  
Am           G 
Happenin´ so graciously  
Am              G      /F#   A 
You can´t hurry natural harmony  
A7      /G   /A      /G 
Feel so free, wider than me  
Am                  G 
Seems just like the day of birth  
Am         G       /F#      A 
Our first awakening to this earth  
Dancing through the streets side by side  
Head thrown back, arms open wide (open wide) 
Going home , almost gone  
Merging with a grain of sand  
Try hard to catch us if you can  
Dancing through the streets... 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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