Bryan White

Between Now And Forever(Chords)

Bryan White

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Key: A
 A                     D 
I cant believe that I found you 
A                    D         A 
fate did a number on me if you end up  
with my arms around you its meant to 
  E     A                 D 
be.well maybe im crazy is showin but 
A                       D 
maybe im hooked on your touch. but 
A                   D 
wherever my life is going there aint 
no rush 
E           G         D       A 
cause where ever your goin id like to 
          F#m           E        D 
go too if you dont have anything better 
   E         D          E          A 
to do. (coda)id love to spend some more time 
  D                      A 
together so what are you doin between 
E          A 
now and forever 
2nd VERSE 
ill take the blue with the gray days 
i just pray the road will be long, 
cause if im beside you theres no way 
i can go wrong 
               REPEAT CHORUS 
   D            A            E 
so what are you doin between now and 
transcribed by:Scott Daniels 
does anyone have the music to 'from where 
im sittin' by Gary Allan ive been tryin  
to figure it out can someone help? please! 
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