Bored Nothing

Get Out Of Here(Chords)

Bored Nothing

Key: G

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Capo on 3rd fret



G        Em 
i walked down 
C           Cmaj9   Am 
through the burning cars 
C     Cmaj9 Am 
along your street 

G         Em 
i sat and wrote 
C         Cmaj9   Am 
your name with my finger 
C    Cmaj9  Am    D 
on the concrete 

D              Em 
your voice was still 
G   C           G      D 
and crisp in my ear 
D           Em 
'my dad's a cop, 
G        C                 G 
so you'd better get out of here' 

G        Em 
i turned down 
C    Cmaj9 Am 
a familiar street 
C       Cmaj9  Am 
and the houses swayed  

G       Em 
i remembered 
C   Cmaj9    Am 
walking with you 
C    Cmaj9     Am             D 
and suddenly i felt afraid 

D              Em 
you stood your feet 
G      C         G     D 
in the drain and said 
D                Em 
'when you yell i die' 
G       C            G  
and the implications hurt my head 

G          Em 
and so the cops found me 
C          Cmaj9  Am 
that night in the park 
C               Cmaj9    Am 
i was drunk and tripping through the dark 

G            Em 
i'd carved a tree  
C         Cmaj9    Am 
with your name and mine 
C           Cmaj9    Am 
and the sentiment of cheap red wine

Written by Fergus Miller

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