Beth Croft

Say The Word(Chords)

Beth Croft

Key: G

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Intro:   C   G   Em   D 

Verse 1:

Empty handed I come 
Reaching out for just one touch 
      Em            D 
With nothing left to lose 
Your restore what's broken 
Lord my heart is wide open 
      Em               D 
I've nothing left to lose 


Bm        C              Bm 
Rescuer, I'm on my knees again 
Deliverer, humbly I ask for You to 

C G Em D Say the word and I will be free C G D Say the word and I'll be made whole C G Em D At Your word, mountains are moved C G Em D Seas that are raging will calm when You say the word
VERSE 2: If I ever lose my way Love won't let me stay the same Forever You will be Far above the earth and sky Reaching down into my life Forever You will be my...
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